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Hannah Davis put on some clothes to talk about her SI bikini cover

I hate to say it but I am wholly unimpressed with Hannah Davis . When I first saw the cover they'd chosen for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for this year, I think I might have yawned. While Hannah took to Fox & Friends, one of those morning "news" interview shows, she defended herself against the critics who have complained that the cover pose, which features Davis pretending to pull...

Vida Guerra shows her ex what he's missing

Female jealousy can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it's a good thing for a guy, as it might give her a little incentive to fight for her man or otherwise do things to make him more mindful of what he's missing out on. But then there are the other times when jealousy creates a "woman scorned" situation, which is usually when things start to go really bad. Fortunately outrageously big ass owner...

Sports Illustrated takes their swimsuit hotties on an American road trip

It's that time of year again when Sports Illustrated and their annual swimsuit edition prompts us all to take a minute and appreciate the power and beauty of hot models in bikinis. We do that here all year long, but I'm talking about the universal us. This is when you might see some hot SI bikini model on the nightly news. Well, maybe not this year, as they really went all out with their...

Derek Jeter's latest lady has a lot to hold onto for Zink magazine

As to whether Hannah Davis , the gorgeous 24-year old model who hails from the Virgin Islands, is still dating baseball legend Derek Jeter, the web results are unclear. Seems that Jeter had broken up with the model sometime in February of this year and then later reconciled with her. As recent as April the model was coyly quoted in interviews as being "very happy" when questioned...

Your Tier 3 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hotties of 2014

Not a lot of preamble today for this selection of 2014's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit babes, just so ya'll can start enjoying these bikinied babes. These are some of the newcomers and less known hotties who are heating things up in this year's issue, listed as follows: Natasha Bernard, Kate Bock, Hannah Davis, Gigi Hadid, Samantha Hoopes, Lauren Mellor and Anne Vyalitsyna.

Put Hannah Davis on your covers as many times as you want, FHM. I approve

She might have been born in the US but model Hannah Davis grew up in the Virgin Islands, making her tanner, fitter and more exceptional. At least, I'd like to believe that beauty was simply a question of location. When you factor in the logistics about how many models come from the same countries each time new superfaces get cycled out, they hail from only a select number of places. When...

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