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BOTB Babe Flock: Hannah Simone vs Hilary Duff vs Jamie Chung

I don't think any of the choices from last week were particularly palatable when you consider some of the personal drama that each divorced lady brought to the table but the majority of you figured that it would be easiest to deal with Paula Patton, with Halle Berry coming in second and JLo placing third in the Battle of the Divorced Babes. I don't think this would be a good week to...
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The ladies of Fox's Winter TCA party were looking mighty fine

As people turn more and more to the option of not only streaming their favorite shows or discovering new favorites amongst old shows while they binge on NetFlix, not to mention the heavy programming the online service keeps throwing millions into creating, the regular ol' networks are scrambling to get everyone's attention to what's airing during the week. One of the ways that they...
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Rodeo Drive was flooded with conservatively dressed babes for designer Tory Burch's flagship store opening

If only I had the talent to create fashion designs for famous women, I might actually get to hang out with a crowd as gorgeous and interesting as the one that showed up for the flagship store opening of designer Tory Burch on Rodeo Drive this past Tuesday. The gorgeous ladies in attendance were all dressed in florals and pastels, looking fairly conservative for the most part, although...
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Hannah Simone is radiant at the outdoor screening of Monsoon Wedding

I know, I know, I should get around to watching "New Girl" already, if not for Zooey Deschanel , the show's star, but for Jake Johnson who was so great in SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, or even the lovely Hannah Simone who was recently at an outdoor screening of the 2001 film, MONSOON WEDDING. The gorgeous actress, who boasts having grown up across Saudi Arabia, India, Greece and Canada (she's a...
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Battle of the Babes #246: Anna Torv vs Emily Deschanel vs Hannah Simone

"The Walking Dead" didn't just kick ass in the ratings this past week, one of its stars, Lauren Cohan was the hands-down-your-pants favorite from the Battle of the AMC babes. We're going to be going through a couple other of the smaller networks who are large on lovely ladies, this time zeroing in on some foxes from Fox. For those of you who mention Zooey, step off. I'm not about to...
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Posing for the Producers Guild Awards: Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, Felicia Day, Hannah Simone

Why hello, "New Girl!" Quite literally, it was the images of Hannah Simone in that satiny bright blue dress with a slit uotoTHERE which caught my attention instantly. What an incredibly cute, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy woman. What a damn shame that so far, her biggest credit is "New Girl" only recently. Prior to that, Simone was a well known Canadian television host, working for...
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