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Hot or Not: Hannah Ware

Last week was quiet when it came to the featured babe, Alexandra Shipp. Luckily for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, the box office crowds weren't as shy, making it one of the biggest August openings for an R rated film. I imagine that there will be more people choosing to check out Jesse Eisenberg & KStew in AMERICAN ULTRA than those who will pay cash for HITMAN: AGENT 47 , but that's the...
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I'd imagine Hannah Ware to be on a whole lot of people's hit list

Pictures of Hannah Ware always make me think about how much it sucks the Starz series Boss didn't get one or two more seasons to catch on. Or one or two more seasons of Hannah Ware's drug addled character engaging in oodles of meaningless sex. I seriously doubt there will be any scenes in her new movie Hitman: Agent 47 to fill that void. I really hate when studios/directors...
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Lip-bitingly hot Hannah Ware shows off hers at the Betrayal TCA Panel

She might not be a big name now and she might not get any bigger if the new show "Betrayal" tanks, but judging just by her looks, her legs and her crazy-sexy poise during the ABC's TCA panel for the show, Hannah Ware has a fighting chance of making a mark for herself. Her resume is still rather sparse (her biggest role has been on "Boss," and she was one of the characters that Michael...
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