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Face Off: Gemma Arterton vs. Hayley Atwell

The vote went to Christina Hendricks in last week's Face Off , though not without a lot of grumbling and slander. Man, some of you people really hate her. With the amount of venom getting spewed about, you'd think she robbed your houses or keyed your cars. Okay, so she isn't skinny and sometimes she dresses weird. Maybe that's not your thing, but I don't know why anyone should want to...
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Check out our newest feature, The Moviehotties 6-Pack!

Hey, guys. We got a new sumpin' sumpin' happening over on our Joblo YouTube Channel called The Moviehotties 6-Pack. This is a weekly feature where we compile a list (guess how many) of a select group of hotties who do their thing especially well. This week, we've put together a list of the Hottest Female Hunters in Movies. Check it out below! Pretty cool, huh? Does it give...
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Hottie Report Card: Gemma Arterton

Mornin', kiddos! RUNNER, RUNNER finally comes out today, and thanks to a few of the consistent schmoes on  Movie Fan Central ,  this apparently means we must dedicate this next "report card" to uber-hottie Gemma Arterton . Not that I'm complaining. Hell, if I were really mentoring a classroom full of hotties, Gemma would probably be hated by everyone...
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Gemma Arterton is heart-stopping in a black leather dress at the Byzantium screening

Holy crap. Do any of you male Schmoes understand how HARD it is to look this good in a leather dress? Women all over the world have been trying to squeeze into these things and look like a voluptuous, sensuous creature and most of the time the only ones who can do it without the press describing them as having "rolls" or looking "bloated" are the super-skinny chicks who might look awesome in a...
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Gemma Arterton sees the sights while we see her sights

Gemma Arterton was wandering around LA the other day, looking like one of those tourists I've seen around these parts with the audio walking tours, stumbling down the sidewalk trying not to get run over as they hear about the mansion that used to be on the corner where a Burger King now sits. Either that or a Floyd song came on her phone just as the acid kicked in. I'm surprised Gemma...
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Click this 3 times and say there's no hottie like Gemma Arterton

Everyone's favorite ruby slipper Gemma Arterton was out at something called the Brit awards last night, which is an award apparently honoring Brits and everything Brits did last year. Actually, this is the British version of the Grammy awards, though the name is fitting since most of the winners are British. It was all fitting that Gemma should be there, as she is truly is one of the best...
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More Gemma Arterton cleavage? Yes, please.

It's been a great week in the world of hotties for Gemma Arterton , who doesn't necessarily need any more exposure, but dammit if I'm gonna let these pics slip through my fingers! Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to check out HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS just yet (I just finally got around to watching THE HOBBIT for Gollum's sake), but from what I hear, it's pretty fun and...
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