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Taylor Swift's Bad Blood posters have an epic Tarantino/Sin City feel

What is up with Taylor Swift these days? While I can't cop to being a fan of her music or following along with the songs she releases (I actively avoid them if I can, they're too hook-y and end up stuck in my head in a bad way), to the point that I thought these posters were for some special event that the Billboard Music Awards were going to feature instead of being a preview into the...
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Hayley Williams kicks up her heels at the iHeart festival in Vegas

After seeing so many other pop/rock/country/rap acts try super hard to be totally sexy, it's refreshing to check out Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams have a blast while performing at the iHeart Radio's Music Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend. Usually known for her wildly colored hair, Williams is a total doll and just as fit as any of those other pop divas but with far less of the...
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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Gwen Stefani vs Hayley Williams vs Amy Lee

So y'all weren't super happy about picking from the lesser of the three evils in last week's Battle, which matched up three of the top pop singers with weird looks. By a thin margin, the thickness of Nicki Minaj took the win and we get to move on to the last compilation of pop singers - this week it's the final quarterfinals pairing the top female lead singers, mm'kay? Gwen...
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Hayley Williams is a hottie in her own weird way

I've come to find that almost every single one of my friends wants to bang the bejeezus out of Hayley Williams , lead singer of the band Paramore. I haven't developed these feelings myself until just recently. Maybe my friends were a step ahead of me because they listen to poppy rock music, or maybe because they would all screw pretty much anybody, anywhere, anytime. Either way, I think I get...
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