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Irina Shayk shows off her insane curves, accessories, assets

I don't normally exercise too much. I also don't buy too many accessories like headphones or sunglasses or watches. Typically because I'll either lose or break them within a week of acquiring them and yeah, I really enjoy sitting naked on my bed and eating chili beans out of a pot while watching Netflix all day. It's just what I like to do. There is one person, however, that could totally get...

Irina Shayk is probably the only person who doesn't look hideous while jogging

I've seen a lot of pictures of otherwise super-hot celebrities jogging and let me tell you - that particular cardiovascular activity is the great equalizer when it comes to aesthetic hotness, seeing as how most everyone who is snapped doing it looks a shade retarded in the resulting images. The only mouth gaping for air, the pressure and force of the universe pressing soft skin into odd shapes....

Olivia Wilde shows off her paws and some other trendy accessories

Olivia Wilde is like a giant Barbie doll that I want to play with. Wilde Barbie would come in a giant box with a bunch of different outfits and different cool accessories like bracelets and shoes and earrings and glasses and shit. I'd dress her up in a myriad of different styles and looks to not only see how cool or cute she could end up looking, but to also express myself creatively as...

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