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American Idols Hotties

You know, I honestly don't know who was competing on this season of American Idol. I know they added another judge in the form of a hot brunette who has more credibility than the blabbering mess that is Paula Abdul. I do know that my TV hasn't been on all day and that for the most part, nobody all that great has shown up so far in the pictures I've gone looking for. You've got some images of...

Hottie Clip #407

Heather Locklear's Hottest Scenes - "FLIRTING WITH FORTY"

Best/Worst '08 2/3

Happy Holidays everybody and welcome to the 2nd Annual Best/Worst Awards of 2008 which is featured only at As you may remember from late last year, myself and the JoBlo staff decided to honour all the stunning actresses, musicians, models or anyone else who made our tongues hit the floor and we did this by presenting them with awards to which there are tons of...

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Heather Locklear In A Red Bikini - "FLIRTING WITH FORTY"

Battle of the Babes #28

Sorry about my lackluster choices for last week. I just couldn't pull myself together long enough to get any good inspiration. But considering that on Monday I got to watch an episode of "Heroes" which did a little flashing back, featured some extra Sylar (Quinto and them eyebrows, they do it for me), and managed to not suck as bad as the rest of this season has, I figured...

Melrose 2.0

I have a problem with this news only because of the drama surrounding Heather Locklear's life at the current time. It has been confirmed that the CW network, those f-tards bringing you the shitty updated "90210" are also bringing "Melrose Place" back to the small screen. For those of us old enough to remember (or even care), MP was spun off from 90210 because the slutty Kelly...

Brit Freezes Hell

Britney Spears has frozen hell over and managed to turn herself into a babe for her upcoming video, "Womanizer." Do people really watch music videos anymore? In any case, here are a few stills from her recent shoot, for part of which she breaks out the dark-haired wig and does the hot secretary thing. I swear, if she gets all healthy like LiLo and I'm stuck with making fun of...

Locklear's DUI Mug

I'm actually quite sad about this. Heather Locklear was arrested over the weekend in Santa Barbara, California for failing a sobriety test. There are sources which are reporting that it wasn't for being under the influence of alcohol, something that her ex-husband got picked up for earlier in the year, but rather some drug that hasn't been released to the press yet. Another OG...

Shockin' Heather

Those who know me understand why I love this picture. Heather Locklear, giving her ex-husband a run for his drunken public antics money, still manages to look hot while being an intoxicated, sloppy mess. F*ck the nightly prayers for money and prosperity. I'm putting my stock on aging this well... if not completely maturing.

Hottie Clip #244

Heather Locklear's Sexy Montage - "SCRUBS"

Jen Can Give it

There is quite the resurgence of girl power these days as first, Heather Locklear bends her boyfirend over and gives him a little taste of the other white meat and now Jennifer Love Hewitt is making her boyfriend assume the position. Hey, if that's what it takes to keep your man in line, go for it.

Bikini: Heather Locklear

You're probably wondering to yourself, does Heather Locklear still look good in a bikini at her age? The answer is a big fat yes gents and we wouldn't lie to you all about that. In the terrific candids you see below, Heather put on a super-hot red bikini that shows off her wicked figure once again while filming a scene from her upcoming TV movie called "Flirting With 40" . It's about some...

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