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Don't fret about who Tamara Ecclestone is, just focus on what's important

Don't be concerned if you don't know much about who Tamara Ecclestone or what she does. I don't know much about her either. I can tell you that her dad was a famous Formula 1 driver, her mom a model and that she's heir to a 2.4 billion fortune. She's basically one of those rich heiresses who goes around flaunting herself at will because she can. Something like England's Paris Hilton,...
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Paris Hilton is asking for your attention with this barely there dress

I know, I know. At first, I wasn't even gonna do it. However, after taking another gander at these pictures and of the girl in general, my better judgement faded away and now, here we are. To be honest, Paris Hilton is just one of those people I don't really like to keep relevant, much less post pictures of. I think it goes without saying she usually annoys damn near all of us and my...
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