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I'm a fan of Demi Lovato in pink for SuperFanFest

I think Demi Lovato has taken some unnecessary shit over the years for having the pure audacity to not fit into the pop singer mold. She's Latina, which doesn't mean a lick so long as you're whip-tiny like Ariana Grande (who keeps talking about being a Latina but I'm not sure if being Italian counts) or so long as you can belt out songs like Christina Aguilera. Lovato doesn't look much like...

Hot or Not: Nadine Velazquez

February is an odd month to decide to release a movie. Most people are busy trying to watch all of the Oscar contenders before the award show goes live (not that I'm going to be watching it as I completely and utterly detest Seth MacFarlane) or are looking for some light-weight diversion from reality that the movie SNITCH might not be able to provide. A guy doing his best to keep his...

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