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Selena Gomez shows off a little BTS BB for all of us

Oh, little Selena Gomez . It's safe to say I still have an extremely massive crush on her. I know her face still looks like a twelve year old, but she's been getting better about the way she shows herself off, whether that be through the way she dresses or the makeup she wears or the way she does her hair. Now, I'm going to blame production for the way that she looks now (which is...
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Would you pick up a hitchhiking Elisha Cuthbert and give her a ride?

Elisha Cuthbert madness should have started here: with her as a seasoned adult in a comedic role that she appears to be excelling at. Not that I'm complaining about her famous wet shirt moment in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR or anything but we might have jumped Jack Bauer's gun by declaring her such a babe when she was younger and dwelling on damsel-in-distress types. Now that they've released the...
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