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Hilary Duff is in the market for more than just butt pants

Apparently the paps are so eager to get a Hilary Duff ass shot that they're following her into stores now? I suppose I can understand their desire. I'd probably go to any length to get an eyeful of Hilary in a set of tight leggings as well. How fortunate then that her shirt is hiked up just enough to give them a decent ass shot. I'm sure that was just an accident. Uh huh....
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Taylor Swift continues to do her boringly beautiful thing for Glamour Germany

OK, so she's a bit of a head case who can't realize that in all of her songs she's written about breaking up with shitty men, she's the only constant in the equation (knock, knock bitch... IT'S YOU!) but I have a hard time not finding Taylor Swift to be a stunning young woman. Tall, blonde, little puffy pillow lips forming her mouth. It's tasty in its own way. But what the H E Double Hockey...
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Sexy TwitPics: Paulina Gretzky

Despite living in an area inhabited by overzealous basketball fanatics who seem to use it to kick their cocaine habits, I couldn't help but notice the NHL season was getting started. It's never been my cup of tea to "check out a game", but when that game is hockey, I'm not disappointed very often. Perhaps movies have tricked my brain into thinking hockey's a more interesting game than it...
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