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Orange you glad we have Emily Ratajkowski to look at?

Why is it when I seen hotties in orange I always start thinking of Dreamsicles? Probably because I want to lick them all over. That goes double for Emily Ratajkowski doing her thing at this Hollywood Reporter thing. There has been a lot of justifiable excitement and buzz around Emily ever since that Blurred Lines video came out. That one gig got her a ton of modelling work and helped bridge...

Emmy Rossum is one seriously sexy funny girl in Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter got together a bunch of the women responsible for making us laugh when we watch television today and while I've watched most of the shows they're all on, I still find this little group a bit bewildering. You've got NetFlix wunderkind "Orange is the New Black," star Taylor Schilling, which is great and all if you're a streaming NetFlix account...

Is Avril Lavigne still relevant if she keeps doing the same teen angst crap?

Let's see... she's now been married twice, is going to be turning 30-years old this upcoming September and yet there's nothing new about the vibe that went on with this Hollywood Reporter magazine photo shoot that Avril Lavigne did. There's a reason why I didn't watch The Grammys last night and it's not because I hate on pop music. For the most part, whatever gets played on the radio and...

Morena Baccarin is sweet in white at the Hollywood Reporter Nominees bash

Suddenly Morena Baccarin is all over the place these days, which makes sense since the actress appears on the highly popular show, "Homeland." You know, that show that New Yorkers were so up in a twit about when the power went out after Superstorm Sandy. They couldn't live without that show, although I would think that water and power and food not spoiling and not having gasoline and...

Nicole Kidman lops off another 15 years for her latest photo spread

I don't know how she does it, but Nicole Kidman always manages to look at least a decade younger in every professional photo spread she does, like this one for Hollywood Reporter magazine. Actually, I take that back. I know exactly how she does it. Still, it is impressive how that EYES WIDE SHUT version of her endures. You been reading any of the scientology stuff exploding in the news...

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