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It's a good time to spy some new Claire Danes photoshoot hotness

The people who love Homeland must REALLY love Homeland , considering that it's listed on IMDB as scheduled through 2019, a long forecast in the regular paycheck that Claire Danes has been cashing in since 2011. This is the karmic payback for the early cancellation of My So-Called Life , the '90's show that brought the blonde actress into everyone's field of vision, not to mention...
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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Morena Baccarin

Even though I went with Mila Kunis , ya'll made sure Kristen Bell had the clear win in last week's Face Off . Kristen is a cutie, but I'm content to be all about Mila. It's a history thing. Well, this is the big week when we find out if all the months of speculation and anticipation about SUICIDE SQUAD have been worth our time. I've got my fingers crossed. For some reason I have...
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Hottie Report Card: Morena Baccarin

Have we stroked Morena Baccarin enough this week? I don't think it's possible to stroke Morena too much. She's one of those people who can inject goodness into anything simply by being in it or even just near it. After giving her the Face Off treatment earlier in the week, it seems only appropriate to close out this week by giving her the standalone hottie assessment...
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Face Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Evangeline Lilly

It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Alexandra Daddario defeat Kelly Brook in last week's Face Off . She's at the top of many hottie lists right now - sort of like Kelly was not too long ago. Going with Ms. Brook must then make me sentimental. So be it. Kelly is nowhere near past it yet. We have another potentially problematic non-MCU Marvel movie coming up this week....
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Claire Danes doesn't need any editing

It's been a pretty good season of Homeland thus far. The showrunners have been pressed to keep up with current events to keep the show from looking out of the loop, even shooting new scenes to reference Paris and other things that have happened since the new season started. So tumultuous are events on there that Claire Danes' Carrie character seems almost crowded out of the action....
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Claire Danes promotes Homeland with a plunging neckline

Claire Danes falls in the pretty but not sexy category. Great facial features like her big smile, lovely eyes and overall classic beauty look, but she's just too damn skinny. Being so devoid of any curves always made it hard for me to imagine why Brody would have an affair with Carrie on Showtime's Homeland when he had Morena Baccarin at home dying to f*#k the trauma way....
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Claire Danes was all smiles for her Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling

Here's a zinger for those of you big "Homeland" fans. I've never watched a single episode. Sure, I've watched "My So-Called Life" and its limited number of early-cancellation episodes (because Jared Leto Jordan Catalano, HEL-LO!) so many times that I probably could have watched all of Claire Danes' Showtime driller (drama thriller, duh) in its entirety a few times over by now. But I...
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Morena Baccarin looks dead sexy on the Deadpool set

Seems to be a lot of excitement about Deadpool finally making it into the Marvel movie release schedule. The movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin is currently filming in Vancouver where it would appear things are quite chilly, if Morena's obvious discomfort in her skimpy prostitute costume is any indication. I could be wrong and probably am, but Morena's character Vanessa...
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All hail Morena Baccarin and her Latina hotness

I was hoping someone would put out a decently sized scan of Morena Baccarin in this Latina magazine spread from last month. This is one of her tastier spreads, mostly because of how she can still keep it classy while also being able to show off her hotter side. Now I gotta fall back on a Firefly reference and note that Morena's ability to make anything look elegant has always been an...
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You gotta respect Morena Baccarin's hotness

Morena Baccarin is on the cover of Latina Magazine this month and also on the red carpet in strapless evening gowns for something called the GLSEN Respect Awards. It's been weird not to see her on Homeland this season. I know they spent a lot of time preparing us for the total reboot of the show, following the conclusive events of last season. Still, being without that whole Brody...
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Melissa Benoist goes from leaked pics backlash to red carpet Whiplash

I honestly didn't even know who this girl was until I saw her pictures at the red carpet premiere of "that new Miles Teller flick," WHIPLASH and thought, "Hey, she's cute! I wonder what else she's been in?!" and Googled her to find that the first links were all discussing her being one of The Fappening's victims. Melissa Benoist is a 26-year old actress...
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Claire Danes and her veiled beauty cover Harper's Bazaar

Because I don't have pay cable and don't possess an unnatural obsession with downloading or streaming episodes of those shows on them, I haven't really gotten a chance to watch "Homeland," but it appears that I'm in a serious minority. Even my mom has taken to purchasing all of the DVD sets of the show, impressive for a woman whose last big gotta-watch-it show was...
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