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The Hottie Stop interviews Rose Leslie, from Game of Thrones and Honeymoon!

Rose Leslie is the fiery Scottish actress known round the world as Ygritte, "Game of Thrones'" resourceful and deadly wildling who alternately loved and loathed stoic Jon Snow, going so far as to try to kill her former lover. ("You know nothing, Jon Snow" would soon become one of the show's more popular catchphrases.) Rose is having relationship problems of a much different, but no less...
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Danielle Fishel's body meets bikini in Hawaii

We've still got to wait until 2014 until we can check out our gang from the original "Boy Meets World" grown up and featured in the 14 years later spin-off, "Girl Meets World," but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the beloved Topanga, Danielle Fishel in a bikini on the beaches of Hawaii. The pint-sized actress recently got married for the first time to a dude 7 years her junior whom...
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Katrina Bowden is sweet and petite frolicking in her tie-dye bikini in Hawaii

She might have been more in the sights of Alec Baldwin when she and the volatile actor when she was on "30 Rock," but I've always seen Katrina Bowden as a sweeter looking Christine Taylor, ready to be picked up as wife #2 for Ben Stiller whenever shit hit the bricks, yannow? The actress didn't stray too far from my thoughts as the 24-year old recently married a guy named Ben... Jorgensen....
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