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Emilia Clarke Day 2: British GQ Woman of the Year

Yesterday I wrote a little something about Emilia Clarke's attendance to GQ's men of the year ceremony. Today, it's all about her new prestigious title of British GQ's women of the year. I could write little opinions about her looks, her demeanor or even specifically this pictorial, but there probably wouldn't be a huge difference compared to things I've already...
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Sandra Bullock makes her mark outside the famous Chinese Theater

She's got an Oscar, she's still the number one box office earning female leading star and she's turning the big 5-0 next July, so it's a bit of a surprise that it took until just this past Wednesday to see Sandra Bullock just now getting immortalized in front of the famous Chinese Theater (formerly Grauman's, the Mann, now TCL) down on Hollywood Boulevard in California....
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There's no justice in the world quite like Victoria Justice

I know I give Victoria Justice an obscene amount of love on this site, but that's only because she has an obscene amount of leg attached to her body. Seriously, it seems like with each progressing month, Victoria tends find even more eye-popping dresses to flaunt herself in. Yesterday, she decided to hike up her dress a little further than normal at LoveGold Cocktails In Honor of Fred...
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