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Emily Ratajkowski's literal take on bareback horse riding

This current collaboration between Harper's Bazaar and burger babe turned exploitation queen Emily Ratajkowski reminds me of the Playboy spreads of old, even if the nudity is only implied. They used to do shit like this all the time, whether it was photographing the playmate of the month bent over a bale of hay or one of their celebrity go to girls like Pamela Anderson, tits out on the...
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Let's check on the state of Iggy Azalea's ass

It's been a while since we had any reason to put up any images of Iggy Azalea's once celebrated butt around here. Time was the cheeky, Aussie hip hop wunderkind with the seemingly impossible girth round back, was a frequent feature around here. Then her terrible "music" became increasingly popular for some reason and she started to say dumb things on social media....
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Kaley Cuoco is finally giving the nerds out there a Luke Skywalker they can bone

I have no idea what's going on here. This is usually the kind of genre juxtaposition reserved for Metal Gear Solid games. For those uber-nerds out there, who've restrain from fantasizing about Luke Skywalker while stroking it only because he was a he, can rejoice. Don't even act like that was a weird statement; I know there are plenty of you out there that don't even let the...
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Kaley Cuoco will be there, butt she's got to gas up first

When Kaley Cuoco is not busy being on shows or red carpets or sidewalks with drinks, she's riding her horse. So often is she mounting her large, brown friend, that TMZ probably has a guy waiting around at some LA stable just to capture shots of Kaley doing various show jumping stuff. Normally such moments elicit little more than yawns, but yesterday was a different story,...
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Kaley Cuoco shows off her tight body in the January 2013 issue of Self magazine

First of all, if I could be Kaley Cuoco myself, I'd make that choice in a heartbeat. She's extremely well-paid as one of the ensemble cast of the highly popular sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory," at one point dated Johnny Galecki, which means she fulfilled one of my life's dreams - f*cking Johnny Galecki - and she's just plain funny, real and full of heart. The fact that she's back to her horse...
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