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We're onto the two things you're best known for, Bree Olson

Is now a good time to ask you how you really feel about porn actresses becoming more mainstream? Sure, Jenna Jameson did it first and did it well, getting roles in movies such as PRIVATE PARTS, a movie targeting the sexplotative nature of the Howard Stern rise to fame. But how do you feel about Bree Olson becoming more of a regular fixture amongst things? (Here's about the time that the...

AnnaLynne McCord is the cat's meow for Sundance's Catdance Fest

Yes, I am one of "those cat people." I have two, one half tabby half ragdoll named Marley (I adopted her, the name came with the cat and she didn't show any reason that she was misnamed from the first owners who abandoned her) and the other my "bike cat." Griffin was one of 7 kittens in a litter born to a mama cat who hangs around my friend's bike shop. We was a wee little lad of 9 weeks when...

Gabrielle Union stops to check out her own rack at the 2013 BET Honors Awards

On the red carpet, Gabrielle Union , the hostess of the 2013 BET Honors Awards was playing it green and flashing a whole lot of skin, making her the living embodiment of mint chocolate. Hell, I can understand how she couldn't keep her eyes off of herself as the flashes from the cameras were going off. That's a body to be proud of. And seeing as how she isn't batshit crazy like, Halle Berry,...

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