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Vanessa Hudgens loves her some Roxy, I just loves me some VHudg

There's something about Vanessa Hudgens that makes me truly believe that she's a cool, fun, down kinda chick. Someone who will have fun doing a bar crawl or going to a Mr. T. Experience show. For the time being, she showed up to a special fashion unveiling for the Roxy line and looked sleek in her suit but cool as hell when she was goofing with the surfboards in the shop, caught by her sister...
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Emmy Rossum shows up to SiriusXM Studios, refusing to not be cute

Since the show is entering its third season or some such, I suppose I really should get around to watching "Shameless," otherwise known as "that show Emmy Rossum has taken her clothes off on." Off on? Does that sound right? It looks weird when I type it out. Sorta how "that that" looks odd in a sentence but it correct. *shrug* I thought of nudity and then my mind wandered. I don't have a...
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