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Hot or Not: Holliday Grainger

It was no surprise that THE LEGO BATMAN movie would continue its domination at the box office. After all, it had the awesome coattails of the first Lego movie to ride in on coupled with the fact that the people behind that franchise have made some super smart, super funny executions. I guess it also shouldn't have been a surprise that you all would be fond of JoAnna Garcia, even if...
2 days ago
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Hot or Not: JoAnna Garcia

It was an even draw last week concerning the hot or not-ness of Kate Micucci, with many of you not only claiming that she was hot but that she was the kind of "weird hot" that made your pants meat dance around with joy. OK, perhaps you didn't say exactly that. I also am not going to directly say that FIST FIGHT looks like a glittery shit stain on the landscape of cinema, but I am...
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Hot or Not: Kate Micucci

Most of you were about as fond of Laura Wiggins as I am, feeling as if her time on Shameless proved that she has the naughty girl-next-door vibe to her. I agree that she has a child-like look to her but I have to ask, is it all that bad to be child-like? Hell, a few years ago for Valentine's Day, I asked that my romantic movie & dinner date include a showing of the first Lego movie....
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Hot or Not: Laura Wiggins

It was nearly 50/50 last week when it came to your feelings on Scout Taylor-Compton, who has been a fixture in low budget horror movies over the past few years, but high on the compliments for how she turned out after leaving her Rob Zombie musings behind. This week is going to be a quiet one at the box office, with few new releases and what is available being lackluster at best. I...
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Hot or Not: Scout Taylor-Compton

While those of you who decided that Ruby Rose was hot were emphatic about her hotness, those who were not as turned on by the Aussie model were even more adamant that she wasn't appealing at all. Talk about a fluidity between opinions. Better get used to Ruby though, considering that she's popping up in three different movies in as many weeks this year. So I thought we could look at...
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Hot or Not: Ruby Rose

Last week's feature on Rachel Brosnahan was very positive (I'm really going to have to check out House of Cards , aren't I?) and I can see that Evan Rachel Woods comparison, even if I didn't at first. Too bad her strength of beauty couldn't get more butts in seats for her movie last weekend. I would have figured people would have been psyched for a patriotic movie right about now, but...
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Hot or Not: Rachel Brosnahan

While only a few of your responded to Janelle Monae's Hot or Not from last week, it didn't matter when it came to box office bucks, as her movie HIDDEN FIGURES killed over the weekend, tying with ROGUE ONE for the top spot but slaying it on the per screen average. I'm less interested in checking out PATRIOT'S DAY , which focused on the Boston Marathon bombing from 2013, although it...
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Hot or Not: Janelle Monae

There weren't as many of you who commented on last week's Hot or Not directly on this site, plenty of people over at our Facebook Page had stuff to say about Megan Mullally being a mature, cultivated hottie. Sure, there were a few who disagreed, much like there are only one or two who might argue against Kate Beckinsale's hotness. So because that's not something we need to even pose...
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Hot or Not: Megan Mullally

I was surprised that while Reese Witherspoon racked up one of the top shared posts of the week, she didn't garner the hearts of those who comments on her Hot or Not as much, with a so-so 62% Hot rating. Some claim that she's just cute, some commented that her diva tantrum was a huge turn-off. Others cited her choice in some roles. There isn't a huge star to focus on this week, but...
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Hot or Not: Reese Witherspoon

I suppose it really didn't matter whether or not you found Felicity Jones to be hot, considering that her movie made outrageous bank at the box office while proving that her character of Jyn didn't need all that girl power hype that got devoted to Rey last winter. She just kicked ass and took home major bucks while doing so, although she can also rest easy that the vast majority of you...
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Hot or Not: Felicity Jones

I'm glad to see that while some of the internet was whining about the changes to Alanna Masterson's body since becoming a mother, those who frolic on this side of the web are mostly all about the luscious brunette and don't care (or at least are tickled by) the chest growth she experienced between seasons. As for this week, I've got to admit that ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY looks...
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Hot or Not: Alanna Masterson

I would have thought that at least a few more of you would be fans of Greta Gerwig, although 50/50 ain't too bad, especially since some of you think she's not ugly but are more put off by her hipster demeanor (I like it, so sue me). This week there are a few new movies with a bunch of hot babes, including redheads galore in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS but I was more focused on some of the...
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