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Hottie Report Card: Gal Gadot

Since I went with her competition in this week's Face Off , it's only fair Gal Gadot get the Report Card treatment in return. She's something of a delicate one to evaluate, now that she's been inaugurated into the ranks of geek spank fodder. But even if she wasn't playing the queen of all Amazons, Gal would still be rank up in the top of the heap where hotties are concerned. Her...
3 days ago
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Hottie Report Card: Haley Bennett

We gave Haley Bennett the Face Off treatment a few weeks ago. She's so nice though, I think it only right she get a Hottie Report Card as well, seeing as how 2016 has quickly become her year to shine. But then Haley has always shined bright in a variety of ways. She sings, she dances, she acts in all the big movies now. She's also beautiful and hot as hell. Sounds like someone...
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Hottie Report Card: Kate Hudson

Next week we got Kate Hudson playing the MILFy wife waiting at home with the kids while her husband Dirk Diggler fights for his oil-rigging life on the DEEPWATER HORIZON. We've come a long way with Kate since she had her big debut role in ALMOST FAMOUS. She's gone from playing bangable teens to bangable moms - a natural progression for someone who comes from such great hottie stock....
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Hottie Report Card: Minka Kelly

We're currently listing almost 500 individual hotties in our extensive gallery of hottie pics. Each of those fine ladies comes with their own unique experience. Some of them are well covered, a few are most likely permanently dormant. Some seem to fall into a middle ground between those two extremes, like Minka Kelly . Musing on her, words come to mind like "stunning," "sexy,"...
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Hottie Report Card: Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is something of an oddity among the many famous hotties we know and love around here. She's graced with a natural beauty and is generally flawless in most respects, which makes hardly ever seeing her around in anything other than her Showtime show kinda strange. Don't get me wrong, she's a talented actress with a hit series coming up on its 7th season. Yet, for whatever...
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Hottie Report Card: Sara Jean Underwood

By now most of us know of Sara Jean Underwood's inspired use of social media for pics of her fine ass doing everyday things. Those who knew Sara before Instagram recall her even more inspiring full frontal centerfolds and everything else she did for Playboy. I even have fond memories of her brief stint as the cosplaying fill-in co-host on the defunct Attack of the Show (I actually...
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Hottie Report Card: Katharine McPhee

There are all kinds of hotties and all kinds of reasons to love them. You got your singers, actresses, reality stars, models, and everything in between. Katharine McPhee has taken part in most of those pursuits in her time on the scene and in doing so endeared herself to fans of all those different genres of entertainment. She's done this by being the sweet-faced, well built,...
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Hottie Report Card: Hilary Duff

Hardly a week goes by when we're not talking about Hilary Duff's fine ass. She and her spectacular derriere are two of our favorite topics of conversation. Of course, we all know there's more to Hilary than just one of the best asses around. She's been breaking hearts since way before she had dat ass and everyone knew her better as Lizzie McGuire. No matter when you caught on to all...
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Hottie Report Card: Hailee Steinfeld

We haven't known Hailee Steinfeld for very long, but chances are most of you probably first became aware of her thanks to the remake of TRUE GRIT. Many assumed the Oscar nomination she earned from that gig would set her on the path to celebrated actor status and get her all the best roles in future Oscar bait movies. This might very well still happen. Yet for now, at the ripe old...
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Hottie Report Card: Emmanuelle Chriqui

You've been asking for her and now finally we're giving Emmanuelle Chriqui the business via our patented hottie evaluation system. Wanting to know when Emmanuelle was going to get the Hottie Report Card treatment isn't the only thing folks have been asking about where she's concerned. Another question is why the hell we don't see her around very much. Or how she manages to stay so...
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Hottie Report Card: Sarah Silverman

There are some hotties who seem to polarize. Either you love them completely or not much at all. Then there's Sarah Silverman , who not only courts controversy and polarized opinion, but actually seems to revel in it. Sarah's made shocking and insulting people the cornerstone of her profession as a comic. Fortunately she's a natural when it comes to such things. She's also fairly...
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Hottie Report Card: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has made quite a dramatic transition from teen jail bait to fully matured sex symbol. The last few years in particular have seen the Latina firecracker crank the hotness knob all the way up to 11 on several occasions. Now she's got sexy roles in movies, makes sexy videos, poses for sexy photo spreads, does sexy concerts, shows up places in sexy outfits. Girl orbits...
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