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Katherine Jenkins sings the National Anthem at Aintree, looks like a Hitchcock blonde while doing so

I don't know anything about horse racing and I understand that there are always going to be plenty of people who prefer protecting animals over humans, so the protesters who showed up to disrupt the ceremonies at Aintree Racecourse on Grand National Day make sense to me. I just didn't think there was as pervasive an anti-animal cruelty mind-set in the UK as there is in the US, but cheers to me...
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Revisiting Nigella Lawson and her bodacious curves in high resolution glory

Only a week or so back, I posted about Food Network's bite-able Italian goddess, Nigella Lawson and made the note that she was 53-years old. She still is, but I HAVE to share with you the newest, highest resolution images that I found of that famous book signing, where she was unfortunately flanked by the disgusting ginger in Crocs. I can't get over how f*cking amazing Nigella looks, her...
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Nigella Lawson is a mighty fine reason to be watching some more Food Network

There's an old saying that you should never trust a skinny chef. When it comes to certain bobble-headed Italian chefs who get a lot of attention on the Food Network (G.ood L.uck won't convince me to eat anything those fake man hands that assemble the food on her show make), I'd rather skip right over them to Nigella Lawson the incredibly vivacious and voluptuous Italian chef who was making...
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