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Kate Mara keeps dropping the hot, this time for InStyle

Whatever traction sister Rooney got when she appeared violently nude in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, it appears that Kate Mara has been able to trump in a round of sibling poker by appearing in magazine photo shoot after magazine photo shoot, proving that she's the hotter of the two. First it was this GQ spread , then it kept going in Elle Canada and returned to GQ with a vengeance...

Wanna date Kate Mara? If so, she's got a few tips for you

Somehow I think the requirements for getting Kate Mara to date you are more than she lets on in this little behind-the-scenes video of her recent GQ spread . I get why football players are out. She and her sister Rooney hail from a long football tradition (her great-grandfathers founded the Giants and Steelers and both sides of her family are still big players in those franchises), so I'm...

Kate Mara wants us to see House of Cards: Season 2. Her breasts, 2.

Just like GAME OF THRONES , HOUSE OF CARDS is something I know I need to watch and I want to watch it, I just haven't gotten around to the watching quite yet, you know? It just reached the beginning of its second season, though, so I don't have too much catching up to do. Anyway, there was a season two screening and in typical hottie fashion, Kate Mara showed up looking great in a dress...

Kate Mara is GQ smooth in panties

Kate Mara has got herself a sexy little spread in this month's GQ, in anticipation of the new season of her show House of Cards. Good show, btw. It's nice to see Kevin Spacey killing it again with his performances. Kate's great in it too. There's one girl who's been well overdue for a good, meaty part in something. For a long time her big claim to fame was as the Federal Marshall...

Kate Mara hotness burns down the house of cards in GQ

One of the unfortunate drawbacks to letting my Netflix subscription lapse was missing out on Kate Mara's Neflix exclusive show House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. I also missed out on initial airings of Hot Donna doing the naked lesbian prison shower thing on Orange is the New Black too, which was particularly painful. I've been waiting for Kate to get the substantial role she deserves for...

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