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Anybody wanna peek at Nicola Peltz's giant cherry?

But seriously, you could make a ton of cherry pies with that thing… Nicola Peltz has only been with us here on MovieHotties for a few weeks, but methinks she's getting very comfortable here as we'll continue to write many, many articles on her as long as she continues to be very, very hot. Honestly, I don't see that being a problem. I haven't seen the new Transformers flick yet, so any...

Olivia Wilde wants a house that's as beautiful as she is

Olivia Wilde is one of those actresses that when I write about, it just makes me have an overall better day. When I see my doctor, he says, "My, how your blood pressure has gone down!" I reply, "Why, yes, Doctor! I wrote about Olivia today!" We both laugh and then he asks me to bend over. We laugh more, but it only gets creepy after that. Anyway, here we can see Olivia prancing around and...

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