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Face Off: Jaimie Alexander vs. Cobie Smulders

Okay, so you guys really like Olga Kurylenko . I think that might be the first unanimous vote we've ever had in a Face Off . I don't know what that says about Irina Shayk , if anything. Perhaps Olga just falls in better with that whole hottie from movies crowd we tend to emphasize around here. You all set for AVENGERS on Friday? Me, I'm itching to see how that Hulk vs. Ironman fight...
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Cobie Smulders was expectedly cute at the Unexpected Sundance premiere

She's the belle of the Sundance ball, from what I can tell. Cobie Smulders moved on from "How I Met Your Mother" in a big way this year, with two movies being highly touted at the popular indie film festival. In RESULTS, Cobie stars with Guy Pearce as a personal trainer whose life goes through some tumult after taking on a new client and in UNEXPECTED, she will play an inner-city school...
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The news is outie! Alyson Hannigan has a cute mom bikini bod

It's probably crazy that it's hard for me to fathom that Alyson Hannigan isn't with Jason Segel in real life, since they were so convincingly "that couple" during their tenure on HIMYM. Despite her appearing with Jason Biggs in the AMERICAN PIE series of movies, I don't really couple those two actors together in my head. And I certainly forget that Hannigan has been married to her former...
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Face Off: Mila Kunis vs. Rachel Bilson

Sophie Turner had an ever so slight edge over Molly Quinn in last week's Face Off. She's beautiful, no doubt about that and I'm proud of those who were able to make a choice there. Me, I'm hopelessly indecisive when it comes to beautiful redheaded hotties like them. I always will be. This week's Face Off duo, Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson , have a number of things in common. They...
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Cobie Smulders shows off her fine self in Self

When I caught a showing of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, I expected to hear women in the audience audibly swooning over Chris Evans. He's all-American and quite the specimen, don'tcha know. What I wasn't expecting to hear was a group of thirtysomething women cheering on Cobie Smulders when Agent Hill took to the screen to kick some ass and complain about helmets. I suppose it...
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BOTB HIMYM Mothers: Jennifer Morrison vs Ashley Benson vs Sarah Chalke

Last week was a pretty easy decision - seems that it's hard for anyone to compete against the iconic blonde greatness that is Charlize Theron. That made me start thinking. Now that the end of "How I Met Your Mother" is drawing to a quick (and kinda disappointing) finish, it occurs to me that there were an awful lot of blonde contenders who went through the course of the show before the...
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Top Ten Hottest TV Wives

TV is well known for giving its men far more attractive wives than they deserve. This isn't about the hottest wives stuck with the most undeserving of husbands. This list is more about the hottest women on television right now who happen to also kick ass at the domestic partnership thing. They're smart, they're funny, they're sexy and they're definitely some babes that you would give your right...
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Hottie Report Card: Cobie Smulders

The response from last week's final "Report Card" for Paula Patton was as brutal as a wedding in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, but like I always say, there's a reason I write these columns and you don't (you have my back, right,  STAR TREK writer Roberto Orci ?). Anyway, I figured I might as well put at least one of you schmoes at...
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Hot or Not: Cobie Smulders

It's popular to hate Nicholas Sparks and the trite romance novels that he churns out faster than King can kill the next of his characters that you care about in one of his books. It's even scarier how popular the movies based on Sparks' books become, in spite or despite the fanboy hatred. With SAFE HAVEN , will those most lengen.... wait for it.... dary of you fans overlook your...
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Cobie Smulders does some smoldering at the red carpet premiere of Safe Haven

I got into watching reruns of "How I Met Your Mother" mainly due to the fact that my roommate did. I'm that elitist who doesn't watch a lot of TV. That being, I rarely schedule sit-down time with the boob tube but it doesn't mean that I don't overhear some of the stuff that's going on in the background. One day I decided I'd indulge in some of this particular show (I'm not going to blame it on...
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