Even Charlotte McKinney herself is left slack-jawed by how busty she is

Yeah, Charlotte McKinney's apparent dazed state is probably more about the booze she imbibed within this posh dinner spot than the dazzling effects of observing the overwhelming size of her own tits. Still, I'm sure even she is astounded sometimes by their sheer girth. I know I am. Having boobs of that size might not be seen by many as miracle worthy, but we all know better. Charlotte's...
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Amber Rose's sluttiness puts all the other sluts to shame

Don't get nervous haters, this isn't the start of a new trend in Amber Rose posts. I know a lot of you like to group her in with the Kardashian types and thus have your tantrums when she shows up here. And maybe there is some correlation there. However, there are also plenty of other ways Amber defies this association. Take her SlutWalk movement, which sounds like something insulting and...
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You again, Ariel Winter? You just can't stop bringing the boobs, can you?

I wonder how long it's going to take for me to stop wondering what events like Ariel Winter's Variety event boob show would be like, had she not had those things reduced. Just imagine the sheer girth. They're already massive now, so I can only assume the original Ariel titties would have been rivaling Hendricks titty shows at this point. You remember those, with the pushed out cleavage so...
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Charlotte McKinney doing the best she can to keep those boobs in her top

It may be a little more than a challenge to find a tank top Charlotte McKinney can pack those mounds in – the one she's wearing in these photos is seriously constricting. They're stuffed in there so tight, her nipples are almost converging in the middle (I've never seen a pair of tits look cross eyed before). This burger babe is filming movies now, landing roles in...
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Charlotte McKinney's racy bikini show accelerates to plaid

The bikini sightings are coming hot and fast now, so it clearly must be getting close to summer. I friggin' hate summer. All that heat just pisses me off. Although I don't let my contempt get in the way of my ability to recognize the positive aspects of what happens during the summer - namely the arrival of super hot women running around in next to nothing. My enthusiasm for such things goes...
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Watch Dakota Blue Richards make a show of her bulbous, burgundy boobs

Oh yeah, I like this girl. You might be one of those unfortunate folks stuck associating Dakota Blue Richards with her child star beginnings in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, but I never saw that movie. So I can sit back and be perfectly content to behold her penchant for showing off that massive rack of hers on red carpet events, without any pesky reminders of her past adolescence. She's clearly...
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Nicki Minaj was the big-booby fairy for Halloween

Apparently Halloween wasn't all fun and games for everyone. While we should have been focusing on the mega-cleavage that Nicki Minaj put on display in Las Vegas for her Halloween Fun House, mostly people were bent out of shape over a video she posted to her Instagram in which she points her wand at someone in a wheelchair and announces, "I command you to walk." People have been blasting...
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Salma Hayek wowed the TIFF crowd with her abudant consistency

For managing to escape from her Sandler doldrums, Salma Hayek was rewarded with a trip to TIFF in support of her new movie SEPTEMBERS IN SHIRAZ, which profiles the plight of Iranian Jews and what they went through after the 1979 overthrow. Yet another feel good story of joy and laughter and redemption no doubt. Uh huh. Of course, being set in swiftly radicalizing Iran and bearing a PG-13...
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Christina Hendricks did some big time bustin' out for the fashions

Oh my god, fashion shit, fashion shit, fashion shit. It's guaranteed that all the fine hotties will come scurrying out of the woodwork when some overpriced designer crap goes strutting down a runway somewheres. And they certainly were this weekend. So many beautiful hotties were going apeshit over this stuff at the various fashion week events going on. I'm surprised you don't see more of the...
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Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley are the queens of absurdly hot bodies in bikinis

If there were ever a pair who personified the term "bosom buddies" it would be Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley . If you're not familiar with them, they're essentially two women who make careers out of wearing bikinis and hanging out on beaches and then blogging about that for cash. They're a pair of those people you hear about who've found a niche on the internet that pays them for doing...
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Kate Upton's boobs make a brief but welcome comeback

Hey, look at that. It's Kate Upton's boobs. I was wondering when we would see those babies again. Kate's become engrossed in the possibility of a movie career and while occupied toward those ends has for months kept her once prolific titties out of the various magazines. Of course, anyone who has seen the acting work she's done so far understands that it's only a matter of time before she...
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It's Charlotte McKinney again, this time sexually harassing a Workaholic for GQ

It wasn't the plan to make this a Charlotte McKinney week. It's just kind of turning out that way for whatever reason. Those of you who enjoy bitching about that will find yet more chances to indulge in your new pastime. The rest of us who are entranced by the sight of massive titties will get something particularly stimulating out of Charlotte's GQ spread, where the big chested model romps...
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