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Hottie Clip: Jessica Alba in Dear Eleanor

If any actress has done enough to earn her title as a full-fledged "movie hottie", it's  Jessica Alba , and this was established many years back. And yet, here she is to convince us even more in the sexy little number from the drama DEAR ELEANOR, which just became available on DVD and demand. (No Blu-ray? For shame.) Leave it to our long-time big...
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Jessica Alba gets kinky with a hula-hoop to promote Dear Eleanor

All this time I was thinking of the innumerable amount of things I'd like to do with Jessica Alba , she was thinking about all of the things she'd rather be doing with a hula-hoop (typical). The inanimate object was photographed wedging itself into one of the most desired crevices known to man; all in the service of promoting her latest movie, DEAR ELEANOR. These pics - the...
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Estella Warren in a bikini ain't what it used to be

A couple weeks ago we visited current day Natasha Henstridge in a bikini and while she's definitely not looking like she was during her SPECIES days, most people agreed that she was far from broken. Estella Warren can't say the same. I don't know what has prompted the former KANGAROO JACK beauty to pose in a bikini, playing with a hula hoop on Venice Beach but damn. I went to...
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Claudia Romani needs to communicate with her user

Notorious attention junkie Claudia Romani was "spotted" in her natural beach habitat and mostly natural attire the other day, doing her best TRON impression with a hula hoop. Unfortunately, it would appear that Claudia's identity disc is mostly empty air, which is apropos considering that she seems to know little else but posing in bikinis. One might choose to judge her harshly for that, but...
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