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Carrie Keagan is charitable with her brick house curves

I'm not as familiar with Carrie Keagan as some people, mainly because I don't watch reality TV interview show host whatever the hell all of that programming that Keagan dominates is called. I do know that she could have been more charitable while attending the Humane Society Rescue Gala in Los Angeles over the weekend by forgoing that bra she has on. The stretch of her top is nearly destroyed...
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Joanna Krupa donates her nipples for the Humane Society

If you're wondering whether or not the pasty covered nipples of Joanna Krupa were intentional or not, leave it to the model slash reality show star to awkwardly set the record straight. After attending the 60th Anniversary Gala for the Humane Society in Los Angeles, California, Krupa took to Twitter to explain herself. "Even though my dress was a bit ruined by flash at least I'm not...
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