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Irina Shayk brings the epic side boob action

Irina Shayk was down in Ibiza yesterday, showing off some healthy side boob while shooting a spread for some clothes that look like they're intended as a kind of slutty office casual. Interesting idea. What is it about the side boob that fascinates us so? I know it wasn't some Family Guy sketch driving our collective interest in partially shielded tatas seen from the side. Seth...

Rita Ora poolside without makeup, with a tremendous ass

The British singer who is usually recognized by her bright red lipstick decided to go bare while she was vacationing poolside in Ibiza, something that most people would point out is a bad thing. A woman without makeup on?!?! Aghast come the cries. I like her this way. I think she's a unique beauty and seeing her without the full paint gun blasted on her puss is making me see Rita Ora as the...

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