Irina Shayk comes extremely hot even when she's chilled on ice

Irina Shayk is definitely one of my favorite models out of all the other hotties that can thrown on a bikini or some revealing dress and stand in front of a camera. There's just so much about her that I love: her long, dark hair and her deep, sexy eyes and her ginormous, succulent lips and her dark, caramel skin. Ugh. It's a little too much to handle sometimes, but I find a way. Love always...

Kate Upton checks off the toughest entry on her bikini bucket list

It's a well known fact that when you want to get into a bikini, there's no more perfect environment for that than the blasted, icy wastes of some Antarctic glacier or on the decks of a ship bound for that part of the world. I hear all that reflective ice highlights one's features perfectly in a bikini and deadly subzero temps really make the skin flush nicely. Seriously, what a goofy photo...

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