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The Hottie Stop interviews Genesis Rodriguez from Identity Thief

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my love for Genesis Rodriguez. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is a terrific actress and absolutely hilarious as well. In early 2012 she and her co-star Jamie Bell created sparks as a sexy dynamic duo [Bell was pretty sexy as well according to my wife] in MAN ON A LEDGE. She also put a fire under Will Ferrell in the Spanish language comedy...
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All hail Jenna Elfman's batshit crazy Scientologist tattoo at Identity Thief premiere

Can anyone tell me if this tattoo on the back of Jenna Elfman's ankle has something to do with the Scientologist voodoo? I prefer to keep my nose out of the "religion" other than to know that on Faith No More's album Angel Dust, Mike Patton managed to work in some questions that are on the "test" that they give out, including "Do often sing or whistle just for fun?" and "Does emotional music...
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Hot or Not: Melissa McCarthy

I'd like to point out that there seems to be an odd middle ground when it comes to women of size. I'm not saying "women of size" to include only the big girls. I'm thinking about how many Schmoes I've heard complain that skinny actresses need to eat cheeseburgers. (Pasta type carbs are far more effective for weight gain, just FYI.) Most constantly praise the "healthy" look on women in...
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