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Face Off: Emily Browning vs. Elizabeth Olsen

More of you thought Saoirse Ronan deserved the win than Dakota Fanning in last week's Face Off . I can't argue with that. They're both beautiful, but Saoirse seems like the real juggernaut of the two as far as career goes. We're going to see a lot more of her in years to come. There was a fair amount of hype leading up to the opening of the historical disaster epic POMPEII last week,...
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Nothing secret about Elizabeth Olsen's sideboob at the In Secret Premiere

I still have strange feelings about getting hot for an Olsen. I was never comfortable with her sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley, mostly because I knew them when they were toddlers and they were on Full House - two things which instantly kill any sex appeal anyone could ever have. Then you got that weird twin sister recluse thing they're up to now, which isn't helping. However, I can't deny that...
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