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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Morena Baccarin

Even though I went with Mila Kunis , ya'll made sure Kristen Bell had the clear win in last week's Face Off . Kristen is a cutie, but I'm content to be all about Mila. It's a history thing. Well, this is the big week when we find out if all the months of speculation and anticipation about SUICIDE SQUAD have been worth our time. I've got my fingers crossed. For some reason I have...
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Morena Baccarin strips down somewhat for the UK gentlemen

So nice to see Morena Baccarin with long hair again. Even nicer to see her stripping down a little for the pages of GQ UK. I'm sure there are plenty of you who enjoy Morena and her fellow cast mates on the Homeland show. But you know I'm all about the Firefly. Speaking of that long lost show, you might have heard about Joss Whedon's recent confession that he would really like to bring that...
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