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Krysten Ritter is independently hot

There was a whole heap of awards show hotness piling up on on another over the weekend. Bit overwhelming, the amount of impressive female flesh on display at this year's Oscars. Of course, that little golden bald dude isn't the only one who can draw the hotties. There were a bunch of indie style hotties who found The Independent Spirits Awards more their style - hotties like Krysten Ritter ,...

Lupita Nyong'o's winning beauty at the Independent Spirit & Oscar Awards

Another one of those easy to determine wins went where it was supposed to go - straight into the hands of 12 YEARS A SLAVE star, Lupita Nyong'o . The gorgeous Kenyan was seen at both the Independent Spirit Awards as well as the Oscars, picking up her gold as Best Supporting Actress at both. Nyong'o gave one of the favorite speeches from the otherwise lackluster 2014 Oscars, serenading...

Cate Blanchett and her Best Actress Oscar & Independent Spirit looks

It's over... right? After last night, where perhaps the winners were more predictable than they have been in a long time (except for my thinking that McQueen might pull Best Director since history usually pairs that award with its Best Picture winner), including our chance to see Buddy Christ win Best Supporting Actress, the odds-on Best Actress winner, Cate Blanchett made good....

Angela Bassett still looks damn good at the Independent Spirit Awards

She might be halfway through her 50's but that doesn't seem to have taken any of the sparkle off of Angela Bassett's constant glow. The actress was on hand at the 2014 Film Independent Filmmaker Grant And Spirit Awards nominees’ brunch this past Saturday wearing a darling dress that showed off her always impressive upper arm definition and her super sexy sculpted calves....

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