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Nargis Fakhri is an especially well made Indian import

Some of my friends who work in the various technology fields have a problem with companies importing Asian labor when there are so many highly qualified homegrown programmers and engineers available right here in the States. They make a good point. However, I'm all for Hollywood bringing in the Bollywood babes to star in American movies, like they've done with Nargis Fakhri who stars in the...

Knockout Lisa Haydon really nabs our attention with these sexy swimsuits

If you haven't heard of Lisa Haydon , don't feel too bad. Neither had I until about twenty minutes ago and she's been in five movies from India. So, like I said: don't feel too bad. I feel terrible, though. Most of the reason I feel so awful is because I could have been appreciating her beauty for so long now and I can only begin to do that now. Woe is me. I guess this is a pretty good place...

Exotic beauty Amy Jackson shows you what you've been missing all your life

Leave it to Maxim magazine again to show me someone who took my idea of beauty and said, "Dog. You don't know shit. Here, check this out." And now we have this. She goes by the name of Amy Jackson and even though she's British, her facial features look to be pretty deeply rooted in Indian culture (she's also starred in an onslaught of Bollywood films, so..maybe). With...

Sofia Vergara's hotness overflows in GQ India

Wow. I know Sofia Vergara has always been a beautiful woman, but..I think I may have stumbled upon my favorite photo shoot of hers. Not only does it capture her playful side along with her hotness, but dear God, that fire red dress just accentuates her curves and look of pure sexiness, it's ridiculous. Being the cameraman or photographer on this set would not be an easy job. If it were...

Sunny Leone makes India even hotter with her Maxim spread

I get a kick out of porn stars going mainstream. It's sort of like that thing when you see an ex-girlfriend when you're out and about and have that polite chitchat, all the while thinking about those times when you used to bang her or just watch her getting dressed or walking around the house naked. You might see a mainstream movie on cable starring Sasha Grey or pass by a magazine rack...

Katrina Kaif is retro-a-go-go in Harper's Bazaar India

Not sure how the Indian culture feels about having a family comprised completely of girls, but if Katrina Kaif's dad was bummed in the beginning, he couldn't possibly be now. His daughter has gone on to a highly successful movie career in the "Bollywood" industry and while I'm not sure what her 7 other sisters are doing, I have a feeling that a movie star daughter makes up for the other,...

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