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Christina Hendricks wraps up her boobs for the International Emmys

One of these days I'll get around to watching "Mad Men." I know that the majority of the cool world finally caught on to Christina Hendricks when she appeared as the busty secretary on the show, as opposed to when all of us geeks fell in love with her as Saffron on "Firefly." The voluptuous thing definitely played its part in the dated series, along with the ever present wang on Jon Hamm (...
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Meet former Miss Angola and Chris Tucker playmate Micaela Reis

They were holding the International Emmy Awards Gala last night, where JJ Abrams got an award for putting together a bunch of shows that started out great but either got cancelled or ended in bitter disappointment. The real winner of the night was Chris Tucker and his trophy, former Miss Angola Micaela Reis , who showed off two of the prizes Chris has received for his years of service...
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