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Didn't see that coming: Keira Knightley is bare breasted for Interview

Well, that's one way to top off a Monday afternoon. Sure, I could be sitting around watching the start of the Emmys and listening to the crap jokes and lousy song and dance routines (heck, I still have time to tune in) but here I am, looking through the infinite fibers of the Interweb and discovering that Keira Knightley is featured totally topless in the September 2014 issue of...

Claire Danes busts out the hand bra in November's Interview magazine

He might not have been around for the photoshoot but it turns out that Dustin Hoffman is the celebrity asking Claire Danes the questions in the latest Interview magazines on the newsstands now. The "Homeland" actress is very far away from her shy and socially awkward character Angela from the 1990's early cancelled series "My So-Called Life," as she poses topless in...

Interview magazine Goddessess issue gets 70's inspired nude shots of Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel & more

First of all, before you go complaining about how I have edited the "good" parts of the nudity from these images, please CLICK HERE for the NSFW/unedited versions. Now that we have that out of the way, how about this delicious throw-back to the time when models were photographed in manner which suggested sensuality and pure eroticism instead of blatant oversexualization....

Candice Swanepoel's nipple makes an appearance in Germany's Interview magazine

It's days like today I'm glad I've held on to my inexplicable yet undying crush on Victoria's Secret mega-fox Candice Swanepoel . I love this woman because even on the slowest of hottie news days, Candice is probably somewhere to be found strutting around in bikinis , or whatnot. For someone who models swimsuits and lingerie for a living, Candice is very hard-working and...

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