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Hottie Report Card: Jessica Alba

Can you believe we're nearing up to our 100th Hottie Report Card, and we still have yet to observe the student body of  Jessica Alba ? Okay, class, settle down. I know some schmoes out there claim to have grown tired of this hottie over the years, which if you ask me, is complete and utter claptrap! Rubbish! Balderdash, I say! Despite her disappearance from the scene...

Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Jessicas from Movies

Seems like there are a ton of hot Jessicas doing their hottie business out there in Hollywoodland. Why are so many famous Jessicas so hot? It's a mystery, but it does seem to be the case. Proof positive are these 6 Jessicas we got lined up for you here, all lovelies in their own rights. Check out our video tribute and see if the Jessica you had in mind made the cut. Did...

Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Favorite Bikini Moments from Movies

Ah yes, bikini season. You can forget Christmas and all those hotties bundled up in winter coats. Right now is the most wonderful time of the year. These sunny and warm months produce endless streams of amazing asses and beautiful boobs all right out there and covered with very little. What could be better than your favorite hotties parading around in such attire up and down beaches all...

Exclusive Video: JoBlo presents… Our Favorite Jessica Alba Moments!

Jessica Alba Moments! If you're reading this, movies and hotties are two things that you probably consider a necessity in life, and you need them to survive. Sure, a movie is a movie, and a hottie is a hottie… but the combination of hotties in movies has intensely raised the stakes of just how "hot" a hottie can be. One very obvious example of this is the...

Model Malena Costa pays homage to famous scenes of hotties in bikinis

Well, this is pretty damn cool. It looks like the fine folks at GQ Spain have gotten ridiculously hot model Malena Costa and paid homage to sexy bikini moments in movie history. We've got Halle Berry from DIE ANOTHER DAY , Sue Lyon from LOLITA , Raquel Welch from ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. , Jessica Alba from INTO THE BLUE and finally Bo Derek from 10 . These are all definitely...

Exclusive Video: MovieHotties tribute to babes on the beach!

You may remember when we presented our video tribute to "Hot Movie Car Washes" a couple months ago (if not, you can check it out here on YouTube , where it currently has over 311,000 hits). It was outrageous, raunchy, exploitive and downright salacious , but to my befuddled flabbergast, apparently people like that kind of thing. Now that summer has officially hit us like a ton...

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