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The Hotties invade the Vanity Fair 2014 Post Oscars party

The biggest Post-Oscars tradition (after going through the drive-thru for some In-N-Out) has to be the annual Vanity Fair party, partly because it ends up filled with hot models whose main job is to stand around and look pretty and partly because a bunch of the Oscar winners (and non-winners, since no one is really a loser when everyone keeps saying thanks to the other nominees, right? Har har...

AnnaSophia Robb, Victoria Justice and Co. dress in red and strain my heart

Putting on a fashion show for a good cause is something that I've always wanted to do, but I weight 427 pounds and have a combover, so if it hasn't happened by now, it sure as hell aint gonna happen in the future. Some lovely women, though, did just that for the Go Red For Women & Heart Truth 2014 Red Dress Fashion Show in NYC . The women in question fighting for the cause include Victoria...

Lots of hotties and their cleavage attack the Sports Illustrated Party

Wow. Double wow. Triple wow! Or is it wow multiplied by six, because technically, there are six boobies here? Ah, no matter. What really matters is Sports Illustrated decided to host a "50 Years of Beautiful" party and those who attended did not miss that memo. Among said hotties that showed up were Ireland Baldwin , Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley . I'm almost ashamed...

The Bikini Roundup - June 2013

The bikinis were clogging the beaches of the world so much in June that we had to actually weed out many of them so that we could bring you this condensed version that doesn't require a whole day to go thorough.  Hey, I'll admit that many of these hotties might be on the fringe of celebrity where you live. Others might be downright strangers to you. That doesn't matter...

The Bikini Round Up: May 2013

May 2013 proved to be quite the popular month for bikini-clad hotties doing their thing both in and out of the water. We do our best to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in this particular area of hottiedom, but in these warm spring and summer months we sometimes miss a few of the rapid fire bikini babe moments coming down the pipe. That's what this column is all about. So...

Vanessa Hudgens, Diane Kruger and Ireland Baldwin also added a little heat to Coachella

So the first half of the big 2013 Coachella event went down in Inyo county this weekend, predictably drawing the famous hotties from all over to listen to obscure bands, drink, do drugs and pretend to be hippies along with the masses. I hear people mentioning how everyone is wearing shorts like it's a fashion thing or something, but what they don't understand is that it's hot as a mofo down...

Is Ireland Baldwin worth all the hype she's getting?

I've been seeing a lot of tongue-wagging over Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's little girl Ireland Baldwin lately, with folks comparing her to her mom and endless gushing about how big a thing she's going to be and so on. All this before she even reaches to her 18th birthday. So now comes the inevitable bikini spread to capitalize on all this hype and give everyone a taste of what Ireland...

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