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Isabel Lucas gets wet for Christian Bale on the set of Knight Of Cups

How did Christian Bale go from being THE DARK KNIGHT to THE KNIGHT OF CUPS? I'm sorry, that just sounds a lot less intimidating. What is a knight of cups? It sounds like something I drunkenly declare myself as at a beer pong tournament before falling into the pool. There's no other sypnosis to go by than "a man seeks love and truth" (gee, thanks, imdb). The cast looks to be creating very...

Hot or Not: Isabel Lucas

I cam going to be so glad when it's 2013. After the last eleven years of watching people be stupid over trying to get married or have babies or release movies on the number-same number- same number calendar dates, I'm warn the eff/eff/eff out. I don't think that releasing IMMORTALS on 11/11/11 is going to help its box office draw or even increase interest in the film. Hell, I was...

Montag Wants Bay

OK, since it's Friday and everyone is looking to let off some steam with perhaps some laughter, I just thought that I would pass along that Heidi Montag is attempting to court director Michael Bay via her Twitter account to hopefully get a role in the absence of Megan Fox. Seems like a likely switch, right? (*gag*choke*gag*) Montag Twatted "Michael Bay I love your work! I know what...

Palicki Upfront Fox

She was one of the best things about the movie LEGION earlier this year and she's going to be one to look for amongst the babes of the film ELEKTRA LUXX later this year (and by that, I'm mainly thinking about Timothy Olypant personally because I'd crawl on broken glass to get to that man), but first Adrianne Palicki put in some face time during the time of year that the TV stations get out...

WB Globe After Babes

There sure were a lot of hotties out for the WB slash InStyle magazine Golden Globe after party. Well, a lot of fringe hotties in particular who don't get as much exposure as some of the bigger names. Not that I'm complaining since some of them were in fine form. (AnnaLynne's dress... well, her everything was a hot mess, though.) As I get more into the list of who attended, there were some...

Luminescent Lucas

I suppose that I have to make up for the atrocity that was Megan Fox's overdone face in yesterday's post of her at Fashion Week with some images of her on-screen wanna-be replacement from TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, fem-bot Isabel Lucas. Her eyebrows are what transfix me. It's been a long time since there's been an actress brave enough to rock the full (yet manicured) brows and Lucas...

Billabong Blast

Adrian Grenier's eyebrows are hypnotic. So bushy, so un-Hollywood. I just can't tear myself away from him. And apparently the 31 year old upcoming star of Alter Eco (a show geared towards highlighting doing things the "green" way) can't tear himself away from girls who look like they're 12. (That's actually Australian actress Isabel Lucas and she's really...

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