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Here's Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini

I've heard a few people commenting around the interwebs about Vanessa Hudgens' friend with whom she's currently vacationing in Ischia. You might have noticed her in our previous bikini post featuring Vanessa and friends. Here are some clearer views of this blonde beauty from Vanessa's Instagram: Her name is Camila Morrone and not surprisingly, she's a model....

Don't mess with Vanessa Hudgens' zen thing, man. Especially when she's in a bikini

Vanessa Hudgens has been down in Ischia, Italy doing all kinds of press shit and just being present for their big Ischia Fest thing they have down there every year. From the looks of it, this was her day to relax. And relax she did, on a fancy boat no less with a few of her hot friends, just hanging out and finding their Chi and shit in sexy bikinis. I suppose that's better than...

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