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Nina Agdal has looks, legs and smiles to spare

One of the hotter models to have come out in the last few years definitely has to be Nina Agdal . Just taking a look at some of her pics we have if you click on her name will make you realize that I'm always 100% right when it comes to things like that. When it comes to things like math, though, I'm typically about 38% right. It doesn't really matter, though, cause I'm not in...
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Baby, can we ride Jessica Chastain's car in Vogue Italia?

I love me some redheads. I feel like Wooderson whenever I utter that line. I do it in his slow drawl, hanging on every last inch of syllable that I can. Jessica Chastain is one of those redheads that I don't mind getting super hot and bothered over considering that she's one of the few NATURAL ginger ladies working the acting field these days. I know Emma Stone looks "better" with red hair...
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Jennifer Lawrence is sexy in seedy apartments for Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty leggy in these images from Vogue Italy's latest issue. I wonder if there's anything interesting to read in all that text. I wouldn't know. I love Italian food, but the language is mostly gibberish to me and my provincial, American ways. Maybe you guys who read Italian can fill the rest of us uncultured folks what the article has to say. Or I can try to interpret...
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