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Rosamund Pike hangs out in her underwear for Esquire

I've always found Rosamund Pike especially beautiful since she showed up on the scene as a Bond Girl in DIE ANOTHER DAY. These pics from this month's Esquire UK demonstrate what an especially cute little butt she has. Unfortunately for Rosamund, her Bond movie was a fairly shitty Bond movie, but she still looked amazing in it. Kind of sucks that shitty movies seem to be common amidst the...
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Rosamund Pike almost flashes Tokyo her valley

OK, OK, I fully understand and own the fact that I created a super cheesy headline for this article, but when you star in a movie with Tom Cruise, can you really expect anything more? JACK REACHER star, Rosamund Pike showed up to a press conference for the movie in Tokyo the other day and the cameras were clicking double time as the actress attempted to cross her legs with as much dignity...
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