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Keira Knightley is a fashion recruit in the pages of Harper's Bazaar UK

How long was it that they pushed back the JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT release date? I don't know why but I had thought that the movie was supposed to hit theaters sometime around in November, when the audiences might have been available to go check out Chris Pine doing the serious spy thing with Keira Knightley by his side. The fact that it got pushed into the theatrical Siberia that is...
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I'd like for Keira Knightley to be my shadow recruit

We haven't been seeing too much of Keira Knightley lately and the last time I really saw anything from her was when she was in, like, fifteen period pieces that came out right after another, so I think we were all kind of surprised to see her starring in an American action film (with American accent and all). One of the loveliest things about Keira is that accent of hers, so I'm only...
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