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Rachel Weisz is one half of my favorite power couple

I'm not one of those people who gets all giddy thinking about who's dating who or who's getting married. I guess it's nice if they're happy and whatever, but I usually have more important things to focus on. That being said, there are a few celebrity couples out there I do find especially satisfying. Most people when they think of power couples go right away to Brangelina. Me, I'm all about...

Classic Hotties: Jane Seymour

It can be argued that the world's most beautiful women come from England. Look around this site for a bit and you'll see much evidence in favor of that. My assertions on that subject were solidified long before this place even existed. Growing up with beauties like Jane Seymour splashing their radiance across our TV and movie screens, how could an impressionable youth come to any other...

Jessica Alba smooches with Pierce Brosnan for a movie, so it's for pretend and not real, okay, you guys?

Here's Jessica Alba looki- What the hell? What the HELL? WHAT IN THE GODDAMN HELL IS THIS SHIT?! Sorry.. Let's start this over. Here we can see Jessica Alba looking adorable and all smiles on the set of HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN . Now, I realize that I want to get mad at Jessica, but I just can't do it. Even after GOOD LUCK, CHUCK , I couldn't stay pissed off at her. It's an...

Rachel Weisz looks a little cold in a hot red dress for Esquire

What do you guys think? Is Rachel Weisz the hottest 42-year-old on the planet? I don't think she's got many rivals for that position. This woman is just dripping with sticky sweet sensuality from every pore in her body, as exemplified by this latest spread for Esquire UK. I can't think of anything I don't find totally enrapturing about Rachel. Shall we go through the list? First and...

Classic Hotties: Tanya Roberts

We got a little something different for ya'll on this week's edition of Classic Hotties. While Tanya Roberts may not be among the Hollywood royalty we typically cover in this column, she is nonetheless of great significance for folks my age. In fact, I think it's fair to say that her exploits in and especially out of her clothes, hold as much significance for 80s movie fans as any other...

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