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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Most Memorable MILFs

It's almost that time of year when we give a little extra love to the moms in our lives, while at the same time lining the pockets of a multi-billion dollar floral industry. While you're thinking of moms, might as well take a minute and muse on those extra special moms we all want to f*ck. Don't worry, your mom probably isn't in here. Though if she is, dude, your mom is...

All the hotties wanna party with Elton John for the Oscars

I didn't realize that Elton John had been throwing his Oscar viewing party for as long as he has been. This year was the 22nd annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party year and it wasn't skimping in all the hot "I'm famous but not really famous enough to attend the actual Oscars" actress action. While the majority of us were sitting around in loose sweats and...

Classic Hotties: Jane Seymour

It can be argued that the world's most beautiful women come from England. Look around this site for a bit and you'll see much evidence in favor of that. My assertions on that subject were solidified long before this place even existed. Growing up with beauties like Jane Seymour splashing their radiance across our TV and movie screens, how could an impressionable youth come to any other...

Then & Now: Jane Seymour

Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Crumb... Salacious Crumb (that's the best intro to a James Bond-related feature I can come up with on the fly). This column has a total of two purposes. One being to observe a famed actress's career in retrospect, and two being an excuse to look at hot pictures of that...

Jane Seymour laughs at all the other younger babes trying to be hot like her

It gets easier and easier to tell just how corrupt the Academy Award system is, what with things like the magazine The Wrap having made its quiet debut and now moved onto it's 4th Annual Pre-Oscar party. I say it's about time we start putting the categories through a sort of Idol/Voice/Dance type of elimination system. It'd be far more interesting to see who would even make it to the finals if...

I can't drive 65, Jane Seymour can't look 61

About 6 years ago, Jane Seymour noticed one thing: photographers kept doing most of the retouching of her photoshoots around... her eyes. So the actress went in and had her upper and lower eyelids tightened (or whatever it is that plastic surgeons do to make the eyes look less droopy) and has had better success than most by not needing to have the procedure touched up. There's been the boob...

Hot or Not: Jane Seymour

She flashed her tits at Owen Wilson in THE WEDDING CRASHERS to prove that she was still sexy, a move that was perhaps far from necessary. Now she's starring in a movie from the Broken Lizard fellas who brought you all those other goofball movies, this time FREELOADERS . Let's take a brief look through the years and decide what we think of this week's Hot or Not selection. Jane...

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