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Amanda Michalka is smooth in black velvet at That Awkward Moment premiere

She's infinitely more recognizable when she appears in photo shoots with her sister Aly, but that doesn't mean that Amanda Michalka can't bring her own blonde girl curves to a movie premiere red carpet and have people (maybe just me?) pay attention. Since gaining a little more high-profile face time in 2011's SUPER 8, Amanda Joy hasn't made too large of a splash, mainly appearing in a...

Is Avril Lavigne still relevant if she keeps doing the same teen angst crap?

Let's see... she's now been married twice, is going to be turning 30-years old this upcoming September and yet there's nothing new about the vibe that went on with this Hollywood Reporter magazine photo shoot that Avril Lavigne did. There's a reason why I didn't watch The Grammys last night and it's not because I hate on pop music. For the most part, whatever gets played on the radio and...

Kate Mara keeps up the sexy in Elle Canada

After showing up in GQ magazine last week, it appears that actress Kate Mara isn't about to lie down and let her little sister Rooney be the standout sibling in the family. The "House of Cards" star took to the pages of Elle Canada magazine with more clothing that she did for the men's periodical but still looks fashionably gorgeous while she talked about working (or...

Sarah Hyland graces the cover of Bello magazine

It's a strange thing when actors suffer from the Macchio effect. That aging thing where they look nearly decades younger than they actually are, especially when you're dealing with a young woman like Sarah Hyland , who just turned 23-years old this past November but still looks as if she could be in middle school. For everyone out there who keeps whining about Selena Gomez looking like jail...

Jenna Dewan busts out her MILF cleavage for Ocean Drive magazine

Thankfully there's at least one sexy brunette new mom who hasn't (yet) decided to chop off her long, luxurious locks in favor of an unflattering matronly 'do. Double that that that brunette is the super sexy Jenna Dewan , who's doing cover model duty for the January 2014 issue of Ocean Drive magazine. Yes, I know that she's officially a hyphenated last name lady, opting to take her husband...

Spanish model Sheila Marquez no tiene ropa para GQ Spain

I know very little about Spanish model Sheila Marquez other than the fact that she's a Spanish model, 28-years old and featured in the January 2014 issue of GQ Spain. I wonder if there's all that much more to know, seeing as how she's baring it all for the photo shoot. Sure, the images are most likely touched up with the magic of Photoshop so there's not 100% authenticity going on but damn. I...

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