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Comic Book Movie Hotties Tribute Video!

As the  results of the 2016 Summer box office have recently indicated, superheroes in film ain't goin' anywhere. This is hardly shocking news, even if we've seen certain caped crusaders go through a bit of a rough patch this year. Still, superheroes and supervillains taking over the big screen is a dream for the vast majority of movie goers....
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Top 6 Hottest Superhero Babes (video)

There's nothing quite like a superhero hottie. We've seen several examples of them over the years in all different kinds of movies, TV shows and, of course, comic books. Watching them do their thing can be even more fun than their male contemporaries, since they bring the sexy along with their propensity for kicking ass. Here are 6 such superhero babes we feel are the best at...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties on Dates!

There's a guilty pleasure that comes with entering the baffling world of date movies, but when it comes to choosing from a sea of film titles on a first date, you can't go wrong with the "horror" genre. Perhaps this is because the act of dating is a nightmare in and of itself, which can be observed in almost every schlocky rom-com. Whether you're...
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The ladies of Fox's Winter TCA party were looking mighty fine

As people turn more and more to the option of not only streaming their favorite shows or discovering new favorites amongst old shows while they binge on NetFlix, not to mention the heavy programming the online service keeps throwing millions into creating, the regular ol' networks are scrambling to get everyone's attention to what's airing during the week. One of the ways that they...
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January Jones using her assets to inspire philanthropy

What do you do if you've just finished up a successful run of a renowned television series like Mad Men? If your January Jones you put on a dress that looks like lingerie – making sure there is plenty of cleavage showing – then head over to the Oceana Concert for our Oceans. That's just what she does when not shooting for a new television show in which she also appears...
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BOTB Sudeikis' Ladies: Alison Brie vs January Jones vs Olivia Wilde

It was slim pickings last week, considering that whiel the TRANSPORTER series has been popular enough to spawn three original movies and now what appears to be a set of reboots (refuels?), the movies were never dense in hot women to choose from. You decided to crown Qi Shu the winner (and now all of those readily available nudes of her make sense, seeing as how I was informed she used...
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January Jones continues her uncomfortable fashion hottie thing in Rhapsody

Someone asked the last time I posted about January Jones why everyone was giving her such a hard time. I can't think of another actress who does as many photoshoots as Jones and looks as completely miserable in them as she does. It's like a print after print after print version of her uncomfortable and wooden performance in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. We're all kinda put off by the clear discomfort...
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January Jones gets into Splash character for Violet Grey

Aside from the one shot where she's channeling Madison from SPLASH, this entire photoshoot of January Jones seems dedicated to pointing out the major bitchface that she has. If it wasn't for the interviews with various magazines where she proves that she's a bit of a harpy with a nasty disposition, I would have guessed simply by looking at these photos that Jones isn't all that nice of a...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: January Jones

Before the night was over, I had but one goal, and that was to find at least one clip of January Jones in black lingerie. Luckily, I came across such a clip, and we have (you guessed it) MAD MEN to thank for it. Catching up with the show has been on my to do list for quite some time, but I still just wind up looking for clips of Jones or Christina Hendricks whenever the urge...
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January Jones can still bring the heat even in August

Alright, so maybe she doesn't have the best reputation or is seen as the nicest person in the world, but you gotta agree: she's attractive. Her beautiful blonde hair and icy blue eyes knock me on my ass everyime. Come to think of it, shit…most of the attractive girls I went to high school with were totally mean and stuff, but also had insanely sexual blonde hair and blue eyes,...
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The Top Ten Hottest X-Men Babes

How many of you were able to predict the box office domination of NEIGHBORS? Sure, the movie looked funny in its trailers and there was definitely going to be some good R-rated comedy numbers but the thing toppled THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 from the top box office spot after only one week. Now this week we're going to listen to more GODZILLA griping (yeah, yeah, I get it fanboys - the 1998 reboot...
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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. January Jones

There was a fairly even split between Deborah Ann Woll and Karen Gillan in last week's Face Off . I felt the same way. It's a problem I have with hotties so close to my heart. They mess with my decision-making skills. We saw the premiere of the final season of Mad Men last night. It feels weird to be talking about the end of that show. Seems like it's been on forever. It makes me...
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