Salma Hayek brings the boobs to Beyonce

Salma Hayek and her two biggest and best friends went to a Beyonce/Jay-Z concert for some reason, the three of them standing out nicely from all the other ear-bleeding fans. Salma doesn't stand out enough anymore. She's hurt herself by becoming associated with the Sandler crap fests. Yeah, it's a reliable paycheck and all, but not if in the end you up grubbing for roles alongside Rob...
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You may not like her music, but Beyonce's concerts look good to me

There always seems to be some media bullshit swirling around Beyonce . Whether it's the engineered hype that swirls around every time she comes out with a new album, or her so-called perfect marriage to Jay-Z, or that most recent happening with the fight in the elevator, whatever that was about. No matter the circumstances, she's always the center of attention somehow. I think that's probably...
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Beyonce's booty is back to form for her new music video

I can't really attest to the quality of the music in Beyonce's new video. Neither can some others apparently, if the criticism of this much hyped yet secretly released album can be believed. I've heard the songs are hit and miss. I wouldn't know. Not my genre of music. However, Beyonce is very much my genre of hottie and she's definitely got herself back in shape for the videos...
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Beyonce is back to bootylicious perfection for the screening of her new visual album

With a body that looks this good, how can so many people be so angry with Beyonce right now? The singer was in New York on Saturday night at the SVA Theater in New York for the director's cut screening of her new visual album... but it seems that very release has got a bunch of retailers panties in a collective bunch. While she's currently the record holder for the fastest selling album on...
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