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Jenna Elfman zooms around the 37th Annual Toyota Pro-Celebrity races

I don't pay much attention (code for none at all) to the racing circuit. I'm in the game enough to know the name Earnhardt and of course, Danica Patrick, but I don't get the appeal of people driving in circles. OK, what I really don't get is the appeal of sitting in the stands or at home watching people drive around in circles. Be honest, you're watching just waiting for a crash, right? Which...

All hail Jenna Elfman's batshit crazy Scientologist tattoo at Identity Thief premiere

Can anyone tell me if this tattoo on the back of Jenna Elfman's ankle has something to do with the Scientologist voodoo? I prefer to keep my nose out of the "religion" other than to know that on Faith No More's album Angel Dust, Mike Patton managed to work in some questions that are on the "test" that they give out, including "Do often sing or whistle just for fun?" and "Does emotional music...

Jenna Elfman is not sagging at at during the Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards party

So yesterday I had up a post about Willa Holland looking amazing in a Georgio Armani dress and it seems that the feedback was she was too skinny. So I'm wondering what your take is on Jenna Elfman , a more seasoned actress (she'll 42 in September) who's popped out a couple of kids back to back and doesn't get credit for the Dharma hairstyle she spawned on women like the Jen Aniston got for...

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