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BOTB Doctor Babes: Alice Eve vs Jennifer Aniston vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

Last week, INFERNO wasn't as big of a hit as the execs might have wanted it to be, although on a Halloween weekend, could you really see a conspiracy theory movie beating Tyler Perry in drag in a Halloween themed flick? I know you wanted to see that, but you can't control the world of box office comings and goings. It's also not really up to the fanboy demographic whether or not...
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Even from afar, Jennifer Aniston's hotness is clearly visible

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to look down the blouse of Jennifer Aniston via a robot sparrow with two low resolution cameras for eyes, have I got the end-all-be-all set of photos for you. Ok, so I led with a somewhat obvious joke but that doesn't mean I consider Jennifer Aniston's unsupported breasts to be a laughing matter, even at this distance. There are...
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Top 6 Movie Strippers That Don't Strip Nude (video)

Most people would probably consider it a shitty thing to find themselves in a titty bar filled with strippers who never really strip out of anything. Such a situation might understandably make one wonder why they were there at all, watching a show which isn't showing anything. Rightly so. However, the situation changes quite a bit when you have famous hotties doing the non-stripping....
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Jennifer Aniston delivers some sweet cleavage to the Storks red carpet

I want to be honest here. I really like Jennifer Aniston . She's been ambitious, reached for roles other actresses might have shied away from out of fear of coming off poorly or looking ugly (without that Oscar redemption factor) and ultimately, she's been a badass in terms of handling the press after how they've handled her personal life. But to get even more real... she's no longer the...
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We all benefit from Jennifer Aniston's Italian getaway

So far the summer of 2016 has given us a few memorable moments. Although, it hasn't been the hottie free-for-all I was kind of expecting it to be; some of it's been pretty lackluster. No real knockout moments from the Cannes film Festival, comic con had a few mildly exciting examples of celebrity hottness (Kat Graham being a standout), and the bikini candidates have been fairly routine...
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Only diamonds and Jennifer Aniston's pokies can cut glass

It wasn't until this past week I realized how much I missed seeing Jennifer Aniston and those nips known round the world. This is the second time in the span of a few days she's chosen to make an unsupported public appearance, only this time, it looks as though she was rubbing ice cubes all over her chest. How else do you explain her notorious nips going from pokies to something...
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Jennifer Aniston looking perky and excited while out New York

For those of you who are either too young to remember – or have no interest in seeing what all the mid-90s fuss over the comedy series Friends was about  – you may not be aware of some staples pertaining to the once popular sitcom. Beyond tuning in for a few good laughs and to see the next chapter in the Ross and Rachel romance saga, one of the best reasons to return...
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BOTB Mother's Day Babes: Jennifer Aniston vs Kate Hudson vs Sarah Chalke

People were less than thrilled with THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR, perhaps because if they want a winter's soldier to go to war, it's gotta be the Cap) but you guys seemed happy as clams to discuss which of the babes of the movie was your favorite. It was most likely the only time you'll see Charlize place last in a race, being narrowly bested by Emily Blunt who was overpowered by the...
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Face Off: Jennifer Aniston vs. Jennifer Lopez

It was Charlize Theron over Emily Blunt for last week's Face Off . They're two gorgeous women, which always makes the decision process more difficult. I think ya'll still made a fair assessment. Emily is amazing and will always be one of the great beauties of her time. But Charlize is a just a whole other ball game. She's like royalty. She just has to be hailed. So Jennifer...
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Top 6 Hottest Funny Women in Movies

You always hear women talk about finding a funny guy kinda hot. There's no reason why a funny woman shouldn't work the same way. Sure, T&A alone will work just fine. However, if the hottie in question can also crack wise and make us laugh, all the better. Here are 6 hotties with humor we find particularly hot. What other hotties work the funny just as well as the sexy?...
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The Top 10 Hotties as Slave Leia

It's here, you freaks. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has finally been delivered to the doorsteps of your collective fanboy dreams, complete with old Han Solo and a revisiting of the hottest thing to come out of the STAR WARS universe - chicks in Leia's famous gold slave bikini costume. Here are ten of my favorite hotties to put on the chains & buns.
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Hotties Named Jennifer

Why is it there are so many hot Jennifer's running around Hollywood? Probably the same reason there are so many hot Mary's or Amber's or Kelly's. Hard to go wrong with a Jennifer though. Chances are excellent a woman going around with that moniker is probably pretty damn hot. Such is certainly the case for the 6 Jennifer's we got lined up for you today. See which...
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